Chat System

This page will be updated with more details closer to the conference.

In order to facilitate attendee communication, we will use a chat system with dedicated chat channels.

EuroPython 2021 Chat Server

During the conference, we will be using a dedicated EuroPython 2021 chat server. We will publish the chat server connection details here, closer to the conference. Please check this space for updates.

Joining the server will allow you to access all relevant channels used for the online event. In order to register, you will need a conference ticket. You can join using a Chromium based browser (Chrome, Edge, Vivaldi, etc).

One channel per track?

Last year, in order for attendees to communicate during sessions, make comments or answer direct speaker questions, we had a separate channel per talk, helpdesk and poster track. This proved to be somewhat overwhelming to many of us. This year we plan on reducing the number of channels to a more reasonable number.

Registration and Hallway

Registration for the conference chat server is still being worked out. Please expect some updates closer to the conference.

To encourage attendee interaction, we will have a hallway channel where people can start discussions. For more specific topics, you can ask a moderator to create an attendee topic channel.

Breakout rooms

In order to facilitate discussions after a talk, we will have breakout channels for talk topics. These will be created by the moderators and then allow direct discussions with the speakers after a talk, or even later during the conference, if the speaker is around.

Sponsor rooms

To interact with sponsors using chat, we will also have sponsor channels available.

Please stop by those rooms and say hi! We rely a lot on our sponsors to make the event happen. Some of them may even have some digital swag available for you to pick up.

Depending on sponsor level, the sponsor channels will be linked to sponsor video chat rooms, where sponsors can then present demos, provide training sessions or run games, etc.


Joining the chat server is possible via any Chromium based browser and possibly other modern browsers as well. We did however notice better performance using Chromium based browsers and those are the ones we recommend.